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Valérie Pellegrini, Associate CEO KALLISTE INTERNATIONAL LLC

Present in the United States since 2009 on the real estate market of LAS VEGAS. Our expertise has been enriched throughout its years. With this experience gained since 9 years, we learned and especially understood that there were "steps" not to neglect to make a successful investment in the US!End 2011 , LAS VEGAS market less lucrative in terms of rental yield, forced us to study other tracks ..., and here we are interested in DETROIT ...Ouch Aïe Ouch ... what a catastrophic beginning!

At the end of 3 years of real estate operations in LAS VEGAS and its luxurious neighborhoods, brand new real estate, which shone ... etc, we arrived at DETROIT in a ghost town where misery and insecurity reigned.

We fell in the pitfalls to avoid from DETROIT ... Low-priced products ... (Cheap not good) , and like any entrepreneur, we thought that buying cheap houses (between $ 15.000 and $ 25.000) had to be very lucrative ... False! Property managers who did not respect their commitment, who overcharged us with imaginary works ... etc .. and I do not care. Profitability posted on the "paper" approach of the 20% turned to just 4% to 5% of profitability. It was very difficult, and still is, to trust the property manager at DETROIT. But of "From thread to needle" , we persevered, wiped the "plasters" from the beginning to today be proud to master this particular real estate market that is DETROIT.

As our business grew in DETROIT, we decided to open another company named 2014 KALLISTE INTERNATIONAL LLC (trade name EASY DETROIT) in the state of DELAWARE.Our company is in compliance with the DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS of the state of MICHIGAN which authorizes KALLISTE INTERNATIONAL LLC to offer its services of real estate consultant to DETROIT.

During all these years to exploit DETROIT , we are today able to ensure your capital invests up to 10% (Click here). EASY DETROIT works in collaboration with the best BROKERS, REALTORS, CONTRACTORS, CABINET OF NOTARIES (TITLE AGENCY) from DETROIT, we have tested them all!

We do not claim to be the best, but we do our best to provide the best service and support to our investors who have been following us since 2010.

Responsiveness is our strength, it's our success!

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Valérie Pellegrini



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