WARRANTY DEED, or title deed with WARRANTY.

A WARRANTY DEED is a title deed that provides the greatest protection to the new owner (you). This guarantees the owner (you) that the property you have just acquired is free of all mortgages, debts or other left by the former owner. With a WARRANTY DEED issued during the purchase by the TITLE COMPANY (notary firm in the US), the new owner is released from all responsibilities related to the property in terms of arrears. During a closing of purchase by the TITLE COMPANY, a law firm is in charge of controlling and validating the WARRANTY DEED. Once the analysis is done, a WARRANTY will be established for the property in question.


QUIT CLAIM DEED, is an unsecured title deed. When a seller establishes a QUIT CLAIM DEED with the new owner, he transfers all debts (if any) and all liabilities of the property to the new owner. Debts (if any) will now be borne by the new owner. QUIT CLAIM DEED does not contain any title clause and therefore offers no warranty to the new owner as to the title of the property. It is possible to transfer a QUIT CLAIM DEED into WARRANTY DEED by commissioning a law firm. Deadlines may vary from 4 to 12 months before obtaining a WARRANTY DEED.

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